What Would You Do?

#1) I would tell my friend that installing a stalking app on their significant others phone is not right. It would be more beneficial for my friend to just ask him significant other, instead of going behind his significant others back. If the significant other finds out about it, they will probably be more mad at the fact that you put something on their phone without them knowing instead of just asking.

#8) There could be some concerns raised about a new training program taking effect. Employees who have been at the company for years will not want to participate in this new program because they know the system. It might also be difficult to get people to complete the new program because it might be long and draining. You could just tell the employees that no matter how long you have worked with the company, you will be completing the training and that since hackers are becoming more common we need to stay ahead of them and everyone needs to be aware of what to do.


Facebook Troubles with User Privacy

1.       I do think that Facebook should be held responsible for privacy issues related to using Facebook. I feel that they do not have enough privacy notices out there and even if they do, they are hard to find and a user is still unsure whether what they post is only going to their friends list.

2.       Facebook should make sure that all of their users are aware of just how little privacy the site has and they should also let users know what they can do to gain the more privacy restrictions they are seeking. Facebook users should continuously check their friends list and remove people who they donít want to see their posts.

3.       If something happened to me like it did to Randi Zuckerberg in this case study, I would stop using Facebook. I would get fed up with Facebook saying they are going to fix this issue when they still havenít.

Google Collects Unprotected Wireless Network Information

1.       The previous case about Facebook showed Facebook pushing the boundaries of privacy issues. Facebook went to court about the issue, said they were going to fix it, and then never did. I think it is very unethical for companies to push the boundaries of privacy and then try to push them again once the controversy fades. That just proves they did not learn anything for the first time it happened.

2.       Google could have gathered the extra data to get a better read on citizens and what technology they are using. I canít think of any service Google could offer, but Iím sure they have thought of one.

3.       I have found Street View to be very accurate. The content of the photos are clear and concise. I have found Street View helpful when trying to find a building I hadnít been to and I couldnít read the addresses on the buildings nearby. I spent five to ten minutes driving in the same few blocks looking for the building and street view showed me what the building looked like and I found it instantly.