What Would You Do?

2. I donít think it is my business what my former classmate is doing in China, so I probably wouldnít say anything to him.

3. I would tell my nephew that forwarding a picture of his girlfriend isnít nice and how does the think his girlfriend will feel about that. I would also ask him how he would feel if pictures of him were forwarded to everyone in his school. Further steps are needed besides just a discussion.


1. Lawsuits Aimed at Yelp and Its Reviewers

I didnít notice any reviews that were overly negative. Thirsty Pagan Brewing is a popular place in Superior, so Iím not surprised with the mostly good reviews that it received. If you want to filter out bad reviews, an owner should just take those reviews as criticism and fix the problems that they point out. That way you only have good reviews coming in. When posting online reviews, you run the risk of backlash and a possible lawsuit like the example of the $750,000 lawsuit the story told us about.

3. Facebook, Freedom of Speech, Defamation, and Cyberbullying

Facebook is not responsible for what its userís post, so that is why they are not held reliable for what third parties post. I think Facebook and other social network providers should be protected from such liability because they are just providing the site. They are not responsible for what a user says. Freedom of speech can be restricted on social media sites because users have the option to report posts that they believe are wrong and should not be seen. I agree that Taylor and McKenzie were prosecuted for what they did to the victim even though the victim knew it would pass. If they got away with it, more kids from that school and other schools would think its ok to make fake profiles or pictures of their classmates in order to make fun of them. Cyberbullying should be implemented like it currently is. Itís just a difficult thing to really get a hold of.