What Would You Do?

1. I would set up training programs for members of the new organization to obey applicable laws and the companyís ethical policies. I would also make sure they had a handout about the companyís code of ethics. In addition, I would have continued education courses throughout the year for all employees to participate in.

2. I think that in order to keep key employees, a business needs to be competitive with their competitors. If key managers are leaving for our competitor, we need to figure out why they are leaving and fix that issue. We also need to have competitive wages in order to keep the key employees.


1. Alice Case Raises Concerns for the Future of IT Software Patents

I think that as long as an idea is original and not already patented, then it is unique enough to gain patent protection. The idea of pre-roll advertisements should be patentable because someone came up with that idea and they deserve the recognition. I think patent trolls are not justified in their actions. It seems that they are just stirring the pot and going after companies who canít afford to go against them. I donít think they reward anyone. Patent lawsuits could decrease innovation in the U.S. because people donít want to find themselves in a lawsuit, so they would just rather not participate in patents or innovation.

3. Google Book Search Library Project

I think Google had a good and valid idea for an online library that anyone could access no matter where the library really was (Stanford, Michigan). So I think it was in Googleís best interest to go through with the litigation and hopefully make the library project work. I am in favor of the library project because I think itís a great portal and opportunity for people of all ages. I donít think Google has an unfair advantage at all. If Amazon and EBay havenít done something like this already, Iím sure they will soon.