Eli Ecklund

ITS 335-01

Web Page Authoring

Chapter 4

Design Project (p.38)


1.    Yes, I noticed the favorites icon (favicon) on the page tab. It appears to be the logo for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


2.    Yes, on almost every page I noticed images being used as links to other pages. These images link the viewer to videos, articles, and maps.



3.    There are background images used throughout the site. However, they change when you click a new link. The home page background image moves along with the menu tabs, which gives it a cool look.


4.    This site combines a little bit of everything and does a great job at catching the viewers’ attention and dragging them further into the site. All of the menu tabs have separate icons, which make them stand out. The home page is set up beautifully with easy-to-read fonts and a very smooth layout.