Eli Ecklund

ITS 335-01

Web Page Authoring

Chapter 5

Design Project (p.47-48)


1.    The “Podcasts & Radio” section allows the user to stay up to date on current FBI news. The user has the option to either listen to the podcasts online or download the audio file to their own personal computers. An audio transcript is also listed.


2.    The Navy site is characterized by greater user interactivity and collaboration, more universal network connectivity and enhanced communication channels. Their purpose is to draw in more users.


3.    If I were Sherrill I would incorporate the most popular and widely used Web 2.0 applications into her website. Some of these could include applications such as YouTube, Twitter, Craigslist, Google, Facebook, etc.


4.    In order to engage her students, Sherrill will have to include these applications into her course and assignment materials to make them more fun and exciting. Sherrill could assign YouTube videos for students to watch, instead of making them read for example.