Eli Ecklund

ITS 335-01

Web Page Authoring

Chapter 7

Design Project (p.46)


1.    Proper spacing- Space is important because it dictates everything from website flow, to readability. The amount of space between lines in a paragraph should be the same, as should the amount of wrap around images.


Simple Navigation- Navigation should be easy to identify and use. Navigational menus help give the user directions around the site, but should be kept to a minimum. This will prevent users from getting overwhelmed.


About us- The “about us” page on websites is important and should tell users who you are and what you do. Keep the page simple and to the point.


Contact Information- Having contact info on your site makes it more professional. The goal is to spread this information throughout the site and also make it visible.


Images- Images are an important part of every site. They draw users into the site and demonstrate visual style.


2.    The site map breaks down the web site’s information into specific subject areas and provides users with an easy way to locate a particular page or piece of content.

3.    After selecting the “text only” version, I am brought to a page that looks similar to the site map or even a standard site outline. There are many links displayed in list form. A lot of information is shown as well. After selecting “view mobile size”, I am brought to a page that contains all of the same information only with different formatting, as expected.