Take a hike!

This week we are featuring all things hiking. Spring is the time to hit the hiking trails and you don't want to go unprepared. Come by our store to see the latest in hiking shoes. Good sturdy shoes are important to keep you foot sure and steady on uneven or slippery trails. We provide many choices in style and size. Lightweight vests are another of our favorites. We have vests with pockets galore: zip, velcro, hidden, and slash. Don't forget a good hat to block harmful sun rays. Lastly, a sturdy walking stick. You have to try a walking stick before you realize how helpful they are. Happy trails to you!

Hiking Clothing and Accessories
Come See Our New Spring Hiking Gear! 
CaceCreek safari vest  Three Hikers in Patagonia $35.00 
Go Anywhere scarf  $30.00 
Black Oak walking stick  $25.00 
Scudder hiking boots  $75.00 
Terrell quick dry pants  $64.00 
Terrell quilted vest  $63.00