Emily Lula

1.       Three benchmarks that will be used for my Business to Consumer jewelry web site are

a.       To have 10% more unique visitors to my homepage every two months

b.      To have 5% more sales every two months

c.       To get 3% more page views on our newest product every month

2.       The three marketing analytics sites that I looked at were

Google Analytics: Free
Includes a tag manager, reports to better your optimization across different browsers and platforms, surveys, and real-time analytics data

Impact Radius: Free demo, no price listed, probably depends on the website in question. Omnichannel tracking across digital and offline media, centralized marketing data for apples to apples reporting and cross channel analysis, real-time data, cross device tracking

Tableau: Free demo otherwise prices start at $999, Real-time analytics, uses maps to display data about visitors, has reports to help optimize websites for mobile.


I would choose Google Analytics because it is free and the free version is suggested for personal and small to medium websites. It includes a lot of free tools that arenít available in the other two marketing analytic companies.