Emily Lula

1.       True

2.       False

3.       True

4.       False

5.       True

6.       False

7.       True

8.       True

9.       False

10.   False

11.   True

12.   False                    


Multiple Choice

1.       B

2.       C

3.       B

4.       D

5.       C

6.       A

7.       A

8.       C



1.       C

2.       H

3.       B

4.       G

5.       A

6.       E

7.       D

8.       J

9.       F

10.   I

Consider This

2. What elements are necessary for successful communications?

Successful communications requires a sending device, a communications device that connects the sending device to the transmission media, Transmission media, a communications device that connects the transmission media to the receiving media, and a receiving device.


3. For what purposes do home and business users create networks?

Home and business users create networks to facilitate communications, share hardware, share data and information, share software, and to transfer funds.


6. What are disadvantages of BANs?

Disadvantages of BANS are data validity and security. In the medical field, BANS cannot be relied on to be the only monitor of a patient. The BAN could stop working and that patient wouldn’t know. Privacy advocates are also worried about the use of Non-medical BANS.