Emily Lula

1.       False

2.       True

3.       False

4.       True

5.       True

6.       True

7.       False

8.       True

9.       True

10.   True

11.   False

12.   False


Multiple Choice

1.       D

2.       A

3.       B

4.       C

5.       B

6.       A

7.       C

8.       B



1.       D

2.       B

3.       E

4.       I

5.       G

6.       F

7.       A

8.       C

9.       J

10.   H

Consider This

3. What is system software?

System software is the operating system and other tools collectively.  They consist of the programs that control and maintain the operations of the computer.


4.What are the advantages of open source software?

Open source software has no restrictions from the copyright holder. It is available for use, modification and redistribution. It can usually be downloaded from the internet at no cost.


9. What is the clipboard?165

It is the temporary storage that cut content is temporarily copied to.




Internet Research

3. What is an open source FTP application that has versions for both Windows and mac?


"open source FTP application" both "Windows and mac"


Other than turbotax what are two examples of online tax preparation software?


online tax preparation software –turbotax


TaxSlayer Pro


Reviews comparing IE, Edge, chrome and firefox browsers

comparison (ie chrome firefox edge)




More popular calendar management and task management apps on google play?


site:play.google.com (calendar task apps) popular

aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks - Android Apps on Google Play

GTasks: Todo List & Task List - Android Apps on Google Play