Emily Lula

1.       True

2.       False

3.       True

4.       True

5.       True

6.       False

7.       True

8.       False

9.       False

10.   True

11.   True

12.   False


Multiple Choice

1.       D

2.       A

3.       C

4.       D

5.       A

6.       D

7.       D

8.       B



1.       H

2.       A

3.       C

4.       B

5.       I

6.       G

7.       E

8.       J

9.       F

10.   D

Consider This

2. What are some common digital security risks?

Internet and network attacks, unauthorized access and use, hardware theft, software theft, information theft, and system failure are some common digital security risks.

3. How does a hacker differ from a cracker?

Both hackers and crackers access data illegally, but crackers do it with an intent to destroy data or steal information maliciously.

7. What is a botnet? 

A botnet is a group of zombie computers.

Internet Research


1. Green computing

Social media: Learn the basics of how you can go green computing, an add about living room furniture, How you can use the cloud to start green computing, Green screen technology, green pokemon planters,

Google: the definition of green computing, articles explaining green computing and why it is useful

2. computer virus

Social media: How a computer virus spreads online, Ten shocking facts about computer viruses, Hacking: 10 easy beginners tutorials on how to hack, A look at the worst computer viruses

Google: Virus definition, Wikipedia page, computer virus catalog, 10 worst computer viruses of all time, story behind the stuxnet virus Forbes,

3. cybercrime

Social media: Cybercrime and older people: preventing your loved one from becoming a victim, cybercrime shopping list, Cybersecurity trends and tactics for 2015, 6 common phishing attacks, The computer heist

Google: FBI cyber crime, definition,

4. malware

Social media: Online threats 101, CompTIA A+ training, The state of mobile malware, Mobile ninja tactics to fight off mobile malware,

Google: Malwarebytes, Malware definition, consumer information, how to remove it, Norton malicious virus code detection


What type of information are you more likely to find on:

Twitter: links to blogs explaining experiences with technology, people complaining about technology, tech companies trying to market their services.

Pinterest: How-to and clickbatey, a lot of buzzfeed type articles

Search engine: definitions, specifics, removal and followup information