Kim Mattson

ITS 230-01

CH 1 Checkpoint and Internet Research


1.      True                 2. False            3. True             4. False            5. True             6. False

7. True                   8. False            9. False            10. True           11. True           12. True


Multiple Choice

1.      C                      2. A                  3. D                  4. B                  5. B                  6. C

7. B                        8. D



1.      G                      2. I                   3. B                  4. A                  5. D                  6. J

7. C                        8. F                  9. H                  10. E


Consider This

8. Factors such as having a clean screen, blinking regularly, keeping the monitor 20 degrees below your eye level, appropriate lighting, and taking breaks every half an hour can help minimize eyestrain. Also consulting with your physician about computer glasses can aid those with glasses.

11. LinkedIn is geared towards pursuing or enhancing your career. Instead of being personal, it is about professional information about yourself. Your LinkedIn profile would have details similar to a resume, as companies post job openings on the site.

23. C++, Java, Javascript, Visual Basic, and Visual C# are popular programming languages.


Internet Research

4. SplashData and Imperva, cyber security companies, compiled lists of common passwords compiled from large data dumps.  6 of the 10 SplashData listed were on both lists. The most common ones people use, even though password recommendations have been preached for years are: password, 123456, baseball, football, monkey, and qwerty. Others on the list were a slight variation, maybe adding a number to the end or were personal information related.  I tested out some of my passwords out at and the length of time to crack mine ranged from 2 minutes to 41 years.  Even though I do not use any of the common ones, a couple of mine were estimated to be cracked fairly quickly.  People generally use simple easy ones because they are easy to remember, quicker, and feel they have enough other things to remember.  Passwords can be easily more secure by creating phrases or sentences, making them longer. It was also suggested to use the same phrase for your accounts but vary each one slightly, like substituting a number for a letter, etc.