Kim Mattson

ITS 230

CH 4


1. F         2. T         3. F         4. T         5. T         6. T         7. T         8. F         9. T         10. T       11. F       12. F


Multiple Choice

1. D        2. A        3. A        4. C         5. B         6. A        7. C         8. B



1. D        2.A         8.  B        3. E         4. I          5. G        6. F         7. A        8. C         9. J          10. H[KM1] 


Consider This

9. A clipboard is an area to store images or text that have been cut temporarily from a project.

22. Viruses duplicate, are hidden, and need a certain trigger to activate it.  A worm duplicates itself and spreads through system resources to infect computers over a network. A Trojan horse is a non-duplicating malicious program that appears as a normal program and when run, either is run remotely by someone else or your personal data is stolen. A rootkit is a hidden program that gives someone else administrator privileges on your computer. All four have a similar attribute to another but are not completely the same.

24.  A phishing scam is a fake email sent to you with the intent to receive your personal information. The emails look legitimate and either request a reply or route you to another website to enter your information.


Internet Research

4. Heartbleed – a bug in Open SSL software utilized by web servers. The bug allowed hackers to get the OpenSSL servers to expose decryption keys, giving access to personal information, passwords. TRUE.

Funeral Announcement – an email with a subject line regarding a passing of a friend and once opened, had a link to click on to get to a zip file containing a Trojan horse if extracted. TRUE

Cryptolocker – ransomware that was hiding in an email from a company as an attachment. Once opened, encrypted various files and threatened to destroy decryption key unless paid a certain amount of money before time expires. TRUE

Windows Live Update – an attachment with a virus claiming to burn the whole hard drive. HOAX

Breaking Dawn – based from the Twilight movies, a link to play a game. There was no game, no virus, it was a survey scam that instead of starting the game, you would be clickjacked and the scam would spread further through your address book. HOAX

New Gifts For You – a virus, through Facebook, would send messages of gifts under your name through comments and once the link was clicked, a virus would be unleashed. HOAX

Snopes came from the owner and creator of the website, David Mikkelson, it was a user name he had used. The word ‘snopes’ itself is from William Faulkner’s writings, defined as a family of unpleasant people.