Kim Mattson

ITS 230

Chapter 5


1. F†††††††† 2. F†††††††† 3. T†††††††† 4. T†††††††† 5. T†††††††† 6. T†††††††† 7. F†††††††† 8. F†††††††† 9. F†††††††† 10. T†††††† 11. T†††††† 12. F


Multiple Choice

1. D††††††† 2. A††††††† 3. C†††††††† 4. D††††††† 5.A†††††††† 6. D††††††† 7.D†††††††† 8. B



1. H††††††† 2. A††††††† 3. C†††††††† 4. B†††††††† 5. I††††††††† 6. G††††††† 7. E†††††††† 8. J††††††††† 9. F†††††††† 10. D


Consider This

14. Proxy servers check domain names, IP addresses, and digital signatures to see if they are legitimate before allowing them through to the organizations network.

18. Passphrases are more secure than passwords because they can be up to 100 characters in length. While they may be long, it is usually a combination of words related to the user, so it is easy to remember.

24. There are a few steps to be taken to make your wireless network safe. The first few simple ones are to change the default password and network name (SSID). It is also recommended to not broadcast your network so others can see it. Adding an encryption method, like WPA2 and a password or phrase. Utilizing the MAC feature, Media Access Control, which uniquely identifies your devices and only lets those listed access your network.


Internet Research

DigiCert and GlobalSign are two CA companies issuing digital certificates with the SHA-2 algorithm. Both companies can issue a certificate in about an hourís worth of time with unlimited server licenses. The main differences between the two companies are the monthly price and warranty amounts. DigiCert is $175/year and has a $1 million warranty coverage, while GlobalSign charges $349/year and has $1.25 million warranty coverage.To add a higher level of authentication to your organization, extended validation (EV) is available, known by the green address bar.This certification takes a few hours before it is issued.A businesses or organization needs to have its legal, physical, and operational existence verified, the identity must match official records, have exclusive rights to use the domain, and has properly authorized the certificate issuance. DigiCert charges $295/year and GlobalSign $599/year for the EV certification.

Both companies also provide digital signatures. Identities are verified similar to digital certificates.Both are in compliance with the U.S. Federal Ensign Act. DigiCert has 2 factor authentication with its hardware token and is compatible with Microsoft Office, Adobe, LibreOffice, and OpenOffice.GlobalSign offers a hardware token or a server based option and is compatible with Microsoft Office, Adobe, and LibreOffice.

Class 2 digital signatures are utilized with filing income tax forms, Registrar of companies and VAT. Class 3 is used for e-tendering; submission of bids and contract downloads.