Kim Mattson

ITS 360

CH 6

What Would You Do?

4. I would analyze my week, see what classes I felt more confident in and break up my time accordingly to write the paper and study. I may have to accept the fact the paper may not be my best work, but would put forth what I could, knowing this is a result of procrastination.Any other route is cheating and would be an undeserved grade.

6. Even though the pressure may increase, if the same answer is given repeatedly, the pressure will fade.People will begin to realize that you will not compromise or violate the nondisclosure contract from your previous employer.



Alice Case Raises Concerns for the Future of IT Software Patents

1.       Patents are granted to ideas that are useful, havenít been seen by others before, and not obvious to someone skilled in the particular area of the idea. Pre-roll advertisemnets are commercials; they donít merit a patent.

2.       No. While what they are doing is legal, it seems lazy. Patent trolls are benefitting from anotherís work. Small innovators, if not successful, end up with the risk of selling their patents.

3.       Patent lawsuits will decrease innovation in the U.S.



Rockstar Consortium Ė Beware the Patent Troll

1.       They would have control over wireless communication technologies, revenue is earned licensing the patents out, and they canít be countersued over a patent case due to the nature of Rockstar Consortium.

2.       Rockstar Consortium is an independent company from its founders and are not controlled by them, keeping the parties separate. The founding companies can use this as their defense

3.       Rockstar Consortium sold the last of its patents to RPX Clearinghouse LLC on February 3, 2015 and has discontinued operations. This has ended the lawsuits they filed against Google and Cisco.