Kim Mattson

ITS 360

CH 9

What Would You Do?

1.       I would ask the interviewer that having my password is not necessary but would gladly give my user name. If that would not be satisfying to them, the most Iíd be willing to do would show her my timeline. Anything after that is too intrusive and beyond researching a candidate.

2.       I donít think what someone has done in their past, especially events like his, should bear that much weight for employment. People go through good and bad experiences in life and if he has the qualifications, he should remain a candidate.


Proctor & Gamble Turns to Social Networking

1.       No. It would not be an accurate representation like measuring the revenue associated with it.

2.       Like the article said, many women had joined the workforce. Women primarily do the household shopping, so their efforts were minimized. The people left at home watching soap operas may only be the elderly, maybe men, people who are unemployed, and college students. All those groups are either poor or on a budget or just donít care that much.

3.       How many views did the commercial get?

Was the commercial watched all the way through?

How many shares?

How many times it was linked?

Was there an increase of visits to companyís website?



Facebook Raises Privacy Issues

1.       No. Some people are very private on Facebook and like it that way. Others very rarely use it. New features should be something people can choose to do.

2.       One concern would be if there was someone you didnít want to have any insight to your life, may gain a peek through being someone elseís friend, depending on the privacy settings each person has. It reduces your privacy.

3.       No. I rarely use Facebook.