Solar Roadways

Lake Superior sunrise

The Story

Picture Idaho, 2006.  Not very exciting, favorite pastime is gardening potatoes. Maybe you just finished reading An Inconvenient Truth, started to worry if your potatoes would be green because of global warming. It is no wonder Scott and Julie Brusaw’s minds wandered off.

And that was the beginning of solar roadways.  But their idea went beyond just solar panels and the renewable energy generated. They wanted to add microchips to control the LED lights, pressure sensitive sensors, a heating element to melt the snow, and maybe hide the unsightly wiring. The LEDs could be configured to a variety of formations, display messages on the road for drivers, maybe even expand to runways.  A vision of miles and miles of roads with more than just one purpose, assist in creating enough solar energy for the whole country and more. After all, roads and vehicles made a pretty nice footprint on their own.

 Scott and Julie Brusaw led panels