Louis Gouge

ITS 230

Chapter 2


1. T      2. F      3. T      4. F      5. T      6. T      7. T      8. F      9. T      10. T    11. F    12. F


Multiple Choice

1. A     2. C     3. B     4. A     5. D     6. B     7. D     8. C



1. E      2. I       3. A     4. G     5. J       6. H     7. D     8. B     9. F      10. C


Consider This

2. ARPA’s original plan had 2 goals:

            1) Allow scientists at different locations to share information and work together on           military and scientific projects.

            2) Build it so it could function if a part of it was disabled or destroyed by a natural           disaster or nuclear attack.

6. a) A cybersquatter is someone that purchases unused or lapsed domain names so that they         can profit from selling them. A cybersquatter looks for out of date registrations and buys       them so that the original website owner must buy them back.

    b) The ACPA’s goal is to protect trademark owners from having to pay a cybersquatter             for a domain name that already includes that owner’s trademark.

27. Cyberbullying is when a person sends threatening text messages, posts embarrassing or altered photographs of another without their permission, or setting up a fake online social site page that is used to denigrate another person.  It uses technology to perform these acts and it mostly involves teens and preteens.


Internet Research

4. Security

According to “google.com” when a thermal imaging cell phone case is entered on the search line the products are anywhere from $110.00 to over $1200.00 each.

According to “flir.com” both Android and Apple products are supported by “flir” which stands for forward looking infrared.  At “cnet.com” in 2015 most infrared camera cases were designed for the iPhone.

Consumers can hold their fingers on all the other buttons immediately after entering the PIN.  That way all the buttons will leave a heat signature and make it more difficult for thieves to see the infrared heat signature left behind.

Metal keypads are the least susceptible to leave a heat signature because they dissipate heat more efficiently than rubber or plastic and they also reflect infrared like a mirror.

Researchers from the University of California San Diego wrote a paper titled, “Heat of the Moment: Characterizing the Efficacy of Thermal Camera-Based Attacks”