Louis Gouge

ITS 230

Chapter 1


1. T      2. F      3. T      4. F      5. T      6. F      7. T      8. F      9. F      10. T    11. T    12. T

Multiple Choice

1. C     2. A     3. D     4. B     5. B     6. C     7. B     8. D    


1. G     2. I       3. B     4. A     5. D     6. J       7. C     8. F      9. H     10. E

Consider This

2. To be digitally literate means to have a current knowledge and understanding of computers, mobile devices, the web, and related technologies.  It is important because these devices are everywhere people are now and they can make tasks in life easier by knowing how to use these devices effectively. 

14. People should use different passwords for each different account they have because if one of the accounts is ever compromised the hacker may find and use the password on other accounts the user has.

23. Some popular programming languages are: C++, Java, JavaScript, Visual C#, Python, PHP, Ruby, SQL, and Visual Basic.

Internet Research

Common passwords on both lists of “huffingtonpost.com” and “computerworld.com”:

1. 123456        2. Password     3. 12345678    4. Qwerty        5. Baseball       6. Football

7. dragon         8. Monkey       9. Welcome     10. Letmein

I went to “password.kaspersky.com” and typed three different phrases, random numbers, and a song title.  One password would take 6 months to crack, one 2 hours, and one 34 minutes on an average home computer.  When I typed in a combination of numbers, symbols, small and capital letters the result was 4 years to crack.

People use these weak passwords because they are lazy and do not believe anyone would ever try to hack any of their personal accounts. 

I do not have any accounts using simple passwords.

Use no less than eight characters, use combinations of numbers, symbols, small and capital letters and never use the same password for multiple accounts.  Do not use lyrics of songs they can be very fast.

Companies acquire data to determine common passwords form data brokers.