Louis Gouge

ITS 230

Chapter 3


1. T††††† 2. F††††† 3. F††††† 4. F††††† 5. T††††† 6. F††††† 7. T††††† 8. T††††† 9. F††††† 10. F††† 11. T††† 12. T

Multiple Choice

1. B†††† 2. A†††† 3. D†††† 4. B†††† 5. D†††† 6. A†††† 7. B†††† 8. B



1. D†††† 2. J†††††† 3. G†††† 4. C†††† 5. A†††† 6. F††††† 7. E††††† 8. H†††† 9. I†††††† 10. B


Consider This

2. Malware authors use social media to spread infection by using fraudulent accounts and posting photos, links, surveys, or anything that would encourage a person to click on it.Once the person opens the window to the malicious site the cybercriminal can infect the unsuspecting person with malware, worm, Trojan or whatever the hacker wants.Sometimes a survey is posted and the unsuspecting person answers questions just to gain access or play a game.This infection may be spread by automatically forwarding it to other people on their friends list without the first person knowing it.

3. The two main components on a motherboard are the processor and memory (RAM).These components can come already installed or they can be ordered separately to conform to the person custom building the computer.

9. Some of the features of a gaming desktop can be; higher resolution graphics card, faster processors, surround sound audio cards and at least twice the RAM of a regular desktop. There are even specifically designed ergonomic keyboards, joysticks, mouse and mouse pads, and 4K monitors.


Internet Research

1. Making use of the web

a) The Google Play store offers an EBook Reader that can be downloaded for free specifically designed to work on Android powered devices so the customer does not have to pay extra for another device.So far there are over 5 million installs and it has a review score of 4.1 out of five.Amazon has its own brand of reader called Kindle.These come with color screens or basic black and white.The costs range from $49ó$289 depending on features.Both Google and Amazon offer downloads of many book titles with Amazon offering over 1 million titles under three dollars each.Wal-Mart offers readers in-store with brands like RCA, iPads, Samsung, Lenovo and Next book.Prices start at $59 and go up to $249.The salesperson did not know how much the prices were for each book downloaded.

††††††††††† Advantages of shopping online; is not having to leave the house, vast amounts of titles to choose from, and most prices canít be matched by brick and mortar stores.

††††††††††† Disadvantages of shopping online are; difficult to return, no salesperson to speak to, need a credit card for purchasing, and cannot try out the product before purchasing.

††††††††††† Most online stores will not accept electronic items if the item was taken out of the package.Amazon will accept the item and give a full refund only if the item is still in an unopened box.

††††††††††† I have made numerous purchases online such as; textbooks, clothing, shoes, toys, furniture, flowers, jewelry, household goods, computers, car parts, and lawnmower parts.I think the only item I have not purchased was food.

b) I found 2 autographed Green Bay Packer jerseys.Both had zero bids and both had less than one hour left until the end of the auction.One was signed by Brett Favre, and the other was signed by Jordy Nelson.The Favre jersey started at $199 and the Nelson jersey started at $149.Both items were from sports memorabilia stores.