Louis Gouge

ITS 335

February 8, 2017

Design Project

3. Description: content='WaterField Designs (SFbags.com) makes handcrafted American bags, backpacks and sleeves for MacBook, laptops, iPad, iPhones, smartphones, & gaming devices. I did not find “keywords”.

4. I did not find any “keyword terms”, but if they are the same as the description words then there are: 18 total words in the description line.

5. Yes I think the description works fine and it is to the point. Its not full of fluff or anything unnecessary.

6. Yes I thenk there is an appropriate number.

7. I searched for “laptop bags” and the site I went to was Office Depot.

8. When I went to the source code I found the keywords:  <meta name="keywords" content='laptop bags, rolling laptop bag, laptop bag' />

and for description:  <meta name="description" content='Office Depot &amp; OfficeMax has a great selections of laptop bags that you are looking for. Find great deals now.' />

Yes the first keyword listed matched “laptop bags” exactly.