Louis Gouge

ITS 335

March 6, 2017

Design Project CH5


2. The FBI has four podcast shows. The podcasts are aired on the radio, they can be listened to at the FBI webpage, they can be read, or they can be downloaded to an iPod, or MP3 player via the iTunes website.

US Navy

4. The Navy is using the technology to attract the attention of the social media site(s) users to receive free advertising. At the top of the US Navy home page there are seven icons to access various social media sites. They are there so visitors can take advantage of the icons and let their followers know they were at the Navy page.

5. I would use whatever app is in high demand or whatever the kids are using in her school.

6. I would design some type of scavenger hunt that would make the students visit a site and find what they thought was interesting and then make them write a response essay about what was found and where they found it. I would attempt to make them write about anything just to get them interested and engaged.