Louis Gouge

ITS 380

Chapter 3

Case Study Questions

1. Akamai needs to geographically disperse their servers to speed up response times. Every time a request packet is sent out there has to be multiple requests and acknowledgements sent back and forth from server to server until it reached its destination. Instead of sending and receiving packets from the point of inquiry to the final server Akamai servers can store the requested data in their servers which are geographically located near largely populated areas.

2. If my business required it I would definitely sign up and take advantage of Akamaiís infrastructure. People want things immediately and if there was a high latency in uploading and downloading content people will more than likely use the provider that is faster than its competitors.

3. There are many advantages an advertiser can benefit from using Akamaiís ďAdvertising Decision SolutionsĒ. Akamaiís program can provide advertisers with intelligence generated from internet activity based on user location and zip code. The data is always current and the advertisers can observe visualizations of the internet in real-time web activity. That way advertisers can push ads based on what is current and where the locations are at that exact moment. Almost every product can benefit from this knowledge, but clothing, shoes or anything fashionable is what is in demand at that current time can certainly benefit.

4. I think there definitely needs to be some options on how people pay for accessing the internet. I think there needs to be options depending on how much bandwidth is used. I think people should pay for just what they use. Why sign up and pay for an unlimited plan and you only use 4 GB per month. Some months I use 2GB and some months I use all 4 GB what happened to the 2 GB I didnít use? Someone is getting richer of my unused 2 GB.


1. Packet switching hardware, transmission control protocol/internet protocol, and client/server computing.

5. The development of the personal computer and local area networks.

10. The goal is to create an intelligent global ecosystem that will enable researchers, scientists, and others to access high gigabit speed connections whenever and wherever they need it.

15. A web server can provide basic capabilities such as:

       Security to provide authentication used to verify the user requesting access to the site. It uses secure socket layer (SSL) and transport layer security (TLS) for transmitting and receiving internet information.

       File transfer protocol which allows users to transfer files quickly between users on the internet and intranets

       Search engines can assist users to find information quickly based on keywords

       Data capture can save information about a user visiting their site. It can store the browsing time, how long they stayed and it can be used to analyze the traffic on the site.

20. Mobile apps are the next big thing because almost everyone possesses a smart phone, a tablet, fablet, and laptops. All these items are portable and can be used anywhere an internet connection or cellular service is available. Prior to 2007 they did not even exist yet, but now mobile transactions are being made all the time. A person can shop for practically anything they would ever want or need from the comfort of their home.


1. The Apple Watch2 now offers a dual core processor, built in GPS, ambient light sensor, has a screen that is twice as bright, and is water resistant to 50 meters. There are more color combinations available. There are more competitors now offering the same options as the Apple Watch and at different prices, most of them are lower priced. Some manufacturers of other smartwatches are: Huawei, Motorola, Samsung, Asus, LG, and Sony, just to name a few.