Louis Gouge

ITS 380

Chapter 6

Case Study Questions

1. I counted 10 ads on the opening page. Only one out of the ten had my interest every time I opened the page. The other three were random ads for items I had no interest in at all. I am positive there is some programmatic advertising going on because the site had the exact item I shopped for and investigated the specifications on previously at another site. 10% of all the time there was one ad I had an interest in. The other 90% of the ads I had no interest in.

2. The advertisers and marketers use web analytics to gather data about the customer's profiles and their interests, ages, genders, locations, and even income. They are relevant because the click-through rate of banner advertising is low and the prices for these advertisements have fallen.

3. The ads pop up when a user is searching online and the ad pops up on the right side of the screen. Even when a user closes the ad it is still being observed and it may trigger the user to look at the ad further. These ads can be as effective as the search engines because they come up after the user hits the enter key from the search bar of a search engine.

4. I think they may be somewhat effective just because no matter what the ad is for, the user must glance at it anyway just to find out how to close the ad. After the user closes the window the image will probably sit in their brain for a little.


1. The internet will continue to grow for an indefinite amount of time because the infrastructure is still being constructed every day. More and more areas are just now able to connect to the internet and satellite services are also allowing more users to connect. There will be a time in the future when the internet will be saturated by almost every person on the planet and it is now the growth would stop.

5. Google has made changes in their search engines over the years and some of the last ones have been named: Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Knowledge Graph, and the latest being nicknamed, Mobilegeddon. Panda was designed to overlook low quality sites. Penguin punished web sites that manipulated links to their own site to improve their rankings. Hummingbird attempted to evaluate an entire sentence in a search as if speaking to a human being. Knowledge Graph anticipated what the user wanted to know or might not know what to ask and it would display additional information on the right side of the monitor. Mobilegeddon would lower the ranking of mobile sites that had ads over the screen at the start of the home page suggesting the user to install that site's web application. Google is reportedly making 600 search engine changes every year.

10. In the early days of e-commerce, sellers were pricing their products at cost or just under cost to attract buyers and increase their customer base. It made the customers to expect that low price all the time and eventually the business failed because customer service was poor and the product quality fell as well.

15. High costs to list, lack of information to make the customers want to buy online instead of buying in a brick and mortar store, and the lack of attention from the users to stay focused on the pop up or banner ads. As soon as those types of ads come up the user generally presses the button to skip or close the ad as soon as it opens.

20. Web analytics is software used to collect data about customers. The data is stored, analyzed, and is used for measuring and reporting of web data for understanding and optimizing the customers web usage.


5. Did a search for a cellular phone at Bing, Google, Ask, and DuckDuckGo.  It seems all of the sites had a paid placement for the results on their site. Some showed exactly where the item was being sold at. Others showed the results either on top, or to the right side of the results page. I would have to say all these placements were paid because not only did they have the site names and prices but they included pictures as well. There are also links to other sites such as similar items, related searches and customer ratings implementing a 5 star rating.