Louis Gouge

ITS 380

Chapter 7

Case Study Questions

1. The exchange offered strictly jumping horses, and made me feel more warm and comfortable. The other site made me feel like I was shopping for a used car where I could enter exactly what properties I was interested in.

2. I think social media plays an important role in both sites as social media has portals on both sites although on the Exchange Facebook has an immediate like icon and it displays how many people like that horse. The other site has that icon also but I did not find any number of likes for any of the ads.

3. The Exchange seems to have a lot more information about some of the featured horses. The prices for some of the animals are ten to one hundred times costlier than on the other site. The Exchange is also worldwide meaning there are horses for sale in other countries on the other side of the world. The Exchange seems to be more luxurious than the other site meaning it sells more purebred horses than the other site.


1. Two factors are conversation and engagement. Conversation means your brand is being talked about on the web and social media. Engagement means your company is encouraging feedback from your customers and potential customers.

5. Not in any order the top social network sites are: Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

10. Twitter marketing tools are: Promoted tweets, Promoted trends, Promoted accounts, Enhanced profile pages, Amplify, Promoted video, Television ad retargeting, Lead generation cards, and Mobile ads.

15. The mobile platform is the fastest growing. More and more people are buying the mobile platform and using them to place phone calls, texting friends, listening to music, watching videos, using GPS for directions, and shopping for the best deals.

20. Geo-social based services marketing, Location-based services marketing, Mobile-social network marketing based on users' location, Proximity marketing, In-store messaging, and Location-based app messaging.


2. The ads listed are directly related to what I have shopped for in the past. It even displays products I have searched for over one month ago. These ads are specifically targeted at some of my interests, what items my friends have liked and my past purchases.

After 24 hours of searching for products and services I observed at least three items in the ads on the right and there was even a movie/TV show I had been looking at on the DirecTV site. I find it annoying these ads are following my web browsing in my Facebook account and it makes me feel like should not buy these products for being so pushy.