ITS 364

CH 13

Nan Hu 

1.     Explain how XHTML causes browsers to display web pages in similar ways. 

  By adhering to the rules and design of pages web browsers have an easier time in displaying a given site

2.     Describe the components of tags and XHTML. 

  The components of XHTML are as follows; DOCTYPE, lower cased tags accompanied by a closing tag, tags must be correctly nested”<!DOCTYPE html>,< html><head><title>Page Name</title></head><body></body></html>. Notice, each tag in the aforementioned, minus the DOCTYPE, has an opening tag and then a corresponding closing tag denoted </>.

3.     Explain the purpose of a closing tag. 

  Closing tag tells the code that this is the end of a particular style or format. <b>bold</b>

4.     Identify and explain the part of the following code that would be the attribute and that which is the value of the attribute. <h1 align=”center”></h1>

   The attribute is the “align” and the value is center.

5.     Differentiate between an empty element and one that is not empty. Give examples of empty tags. 

  Empty elements have no content and stand-alone. Whereas a non-empty tag has some sort of content. <h1> This is a heading tag.< /h1>

6.     Create a list of three challenges to web development. 

  Not everyone utilizes the same browser, utilizes the same tech which can cause issues for displaying images or video/audio playback, and download speed.

7.     Discuss the 3 features of access to the internet that may cause limitations in how a web page is viewed. 

  Display, download speed, browser

8.     Evaluate why a developer should consider creating a webpage for a lower pixel resolution as opposed to a higher resolution.

   By using a lower resolution, it allows for faster download times over slower internet areas and helps for those using tech that is possibly outdated.

9.     Summarize how font issues can be avoided. 

  Use common fonts as specialty fonts require you to send the font files over to the next user for publication. Utilize a font manager, this software check to ensure that the fonts are not corrupted in anyway. Improper font licensing, they are only free when it for personal use. Avoid low-quality fonts, purchase fonts from reputable sources.

10.  Describe what features to consider when designing web pages that may be viewed on a mobile device and explain why.

   The standard today, is to build with a mobile first approach vs trying to adopt for mobile devices after the original site has been activated. You have to ensure you file sizes aren’t too large, resolution is dialed down.