ITS 364


Nan Hu


Review and Discuss

1.     Differentiate between lossless and lossy compression. 16.1

  A lossless compression file is almost exact copies of the original source that allow the user to archive and use them as a master. Common type of lossless files are the Windows-based Wave and the Mac-based AIFF. Lossy files are used to reduce the file size of an audio recording by eliminating some of the data. The most common type of lossy file used is the MP3 format.

2.     Explain why streaming audio or video is better than downloading. 16.2

  Streaming allows a media file to begin to play before it has completely loaded onto a web page. This means that the person listening to the audio or video do not have to wait for the video to fully load. However, the file must by saved in a lossy compressed format so some data may be lost. Downloading a video means that the user will have the copy of the audio or video that they were trying to access. However, streaming is a constant flow of data onto the device.

3.     Justify the use of controls to play sound on a website rather than using auto play.

  Auto play can be an annoying feature in the eyes of some people. When someone accesses a web page and an audio or video starts playing right away can cause people to be turn away from the web page. People like to have the option of watching a video that they decide is interesting enough to watch or would rather just read pieces of information themselves than listen to someone else talk about them. 

4.     Evaluate the use of HTML5 to include a sound file on a web page. 16.3

  When using the HTML5, a user can include a sound file on a web page. The user can add a sound file by embedding the file into the body or head of the web page. There are four essential elements including: the <audio> tag, an “id” name for the object, “src” to identify the name of the file, and controls that stipulate the control panel.

5.     Suppose a company’s web design policy states that for all web pages, code for RealPlayer plug-in should be used. Write a proposal to change the policy with justification to your proposal.

  A RealPlayer plug-in may have issues playing video files on some types of browsers. This means that some web browsers will not be able to play the files that are being uploaded onto this format. If the business switches to a different format then more people will be able to access the web page and learn about the company.

6.     Compare and contrast XML and XHTML, and state the advantages of using XML with XHTML.

  Compare: Both are types of markup languages. Both use tags and handle data.

Contrast: XML was designed to hold and move data. This holds packets of data. Sets tags <to> and <from> to determine the recipient and sender of the package.

XHTML describes how the data is to be displayed. Sets tags to display data.

7.     Compile a list of tips for creating a good podcast when a single individual is producing it. 16.6

  Format to decide if webpage is formal or informal and uses video or audio

Length determines if the video is short or long Script to decide if you have set topics or if you’ll talk on the fly Scheduling to set a time frame for when you’ll record and upload a podcast Lawyering that allows the creator to use songs or other licensed materials.