ITS 364

Chapter 23

Nan Hu


†(1).   The stages of development are forming, which is creating the team, storming, hashing it out in the team to see where everyone lies, norming, assigning roles within the team, performing, setting the team to work.

(2). Justify the need to create a team charter. Rules, guidelines, expectations are explicitly laid down.


(3).      Explain the need for effective team communication for the success of your teamsí goals and describe the barriers to that success. Those that are unwilling to cooperate, compromise, and are unwilling to listen to anotherís ideals will drag the team down.


(4).      Team building activities are important to gain a sense of unity within the group. You have many different people on a team, with different ideas and personalities. Team building can help them bond.


(5).      A team meeting should consist of bringing up goals and acknowledging which ones have been met or accomplished. There should always be someone speaking and usually it should be the leadership of the team and they should be taking input from the others as to what can be done to improve the productivity of the team.


(6).The most frequent ways to reach an agreement is majority rules and consensus building. Consensus requires all or nearly all members to agree with the decision such as a jury hearing. Majority rules requires that the majority of the members agree with the decision but not all.


(7).    There are online resources like the office applications which allow groups to participate on a power point or word document without meeting up using the internet.


(8).     A client should be able to handle whatever piece of the project is given to them. A project manager must be able to manage the clients and make sure that they contribute their part of the project and donít get behind on their work. A project manage should also be able to lead by example in order to get the most out of their clients.


(9).The producer is responsible for the execution of the multimedia project, they make sure that all the links fit together correctly and cohesively. The interface designer ensures that the product is user-friendly and functional and determines what works best with each other.


(10).   The quality insurance analyst is important because they create a list of guidelines that the project must meet, and they ensure that those guidelines are met to proper standard, resulting in a better more professional presentation.




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