ACG devices

for input and output


      I am going to introduce is about the development about the devices for input and output for the ACG field.

       First I would like to talk about anime, this word was never appear till the early 19th and actually the first kind of anime was first called “cartoon”. Well for me, I think the difference between anime and cartoon is  Cartoon is for children, like we always said, there is no Chinese Anime, there was only Chinese Cartoon.  The anime in Chinese and Japanese character was called” moving manga “which is meaning the anime was born from the comic, so if you want to make a anime, you have to draw things and draw for every clip. Which means if you want to make a 3min anime, and with 20 fps, that means you have to draw 180x20 pictures. And that’s happened when the MIKI mouse in Disney was first came out. And als