Home Technology(Smart Home Technology) use devices connected to the Internet of things (IoT) to automate and monitor in-home systems.It stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. The technology was originally developed by IBM and was referred to as Predictive failure analysis. The first contemporary SMART home technology products became available to consumers between 1998 and the early 2000s. SMART home technology allows users to control and monitor their connected home devices from SMART home apps, smartphones, or other networked devices. Users can remotely control connected home systems whether they are home or away. This allows for more efficient energy and electric use as well as ensuring your home is secure. SMART home technology contributes to health and well-being enhancement by accommodating people with special needs, especially older people . SMART home technology is now being used to create SMART cities. A Smart city functions similar to a SMART home, where systems are monitored to more efficiently run the cities and save money.