The evolution of home technology.

          In the ancient time, home is not any kind of apartment or house like now days, home is just like some cave or some tiny wooden tent, its just an shelter keep your warm and protect you from all these dangerous in the nature. But now, with technology evolution, people are more value on their life quality. They would spend millions on their house and decoration to keep their home more comfortable and convenience. So with this demand, more and more technology development products are coming to our daily life.  

         The first evolution of home technology I am going to introduce is Smart furniture, I was doing an internship at Panasonic as an guide for the most advance smart furniture demonstration building, in there, we already have the toilet that can flip its cap when you are coming closer to it and wash after you finish your work, and it can even help you to urinalysis every time you use it. What’s more, the mirror that we called “ magic mirror “ can show you all the news and weather while you are brush your teeth, and showing your urinalysis report every day, it can also record everything and save it to the cloud where you can always find it on your mobile app. Magic mirror is not only an media demonstration board, it can also select different make up and give you a view about how you will low like after you use this make up, it can also scan your skin status and your skin age every time you looking to the mirror. This could really be the magic mirror which most of girl are dreamed about having one.

            So the second evolution I am going to talk about is Smart home assistant. As I talked about it before, all these smart home technology are linked together, just like your toilet will tell the mirror to show your urinalysis report when your wake up, and also your fridge will also tell your mirror to show you what’s inside the fridge, how long has it been, and even what kind of recipe can it been make. Then the toast make will just start working automatically , so does the coffee maker. By the time you sitting by the table, a hot toast and a cup of hot coffee are already there for you. And when you leave, the door will sent you a message saying “okay I am locked, you are good to go!” then all of the gas will shut down for safety purpose, then the cleaning robot and the mopping robot began to work, by the time you go back, you can see the slippers you drop randomly are just running to you to welcome you.  We can see, when all these smart furniture are cooperating, everything become so easy and convenience.

           So about the future, Smart auto navigation car is an technology that still under development, but there are already some demo coming out, its certain that the auto running car are coming to use just in these few year.

           At last, about Human pros and cons, well, many scientist think that too much high technology furniture will push the human to some bad living habit, but I think different. After all, its was lazy to push human’s evolution.