Shaye Trenda

ITS 230-001



1.     True

2.     False

3.     True

4.     False

5.     True

6.     False

7.     True

8.     True

9.     False

10.  False

11.  True

12.  True




1.     B

2.     C

3.     B

4.     D

5.     C

6.     A

7.     A

8.     C




1.     C

2.     H

3.     B

4.     G

5.     A

6.     E

7.     D

8.     J

9.     F

10.  I




6.     Disadvantages of BANS include data validity and security. What would happen if the device stopped working or became corrupt? Serious health complications could result if the patient is not monitoring conditions via another technique. For example, devices that administer medication could cause an overdose or under-dose if not working properly. (456)


7.     One disadvantage of using Bluetooth is its low bandwidth. Because of its slow data transfer speeds, Bluetooth technology is not an ideal solution for replacing a LAN. Because Bluetooth-enabled mobile payment services are new, security risks may exist. (464)


24. Throttling occurs when a network reduces upload and download speeds of certain high-data users at peak times in order to tie up network resources for a small pool of users. (477)