Shaye Trenda


WCH11 (LAB SF2-1) – ITS 230-001

Planning an E-Commerce Site


Objective: Search the Web for three e-commerce sites offering small-batch roasted coffee beans. Identify, if possible, the ways in which the real-world sites generate their revenues. Then, using what you have learned about similar real-world sites, identify the ways your site might generate revenues.


1.      Using word processing, create a presentation that summarizes your new e-commerce site, including the products and/or services it will sell. Explain all the ways your site will generate revenues. Note the e-commerce business model or combination of models your online business will follow.


The sites I used to learn about the ways that e-commerce sites might generate revenue were: Zeke’s Coffee, George Howell Coffee, and Small Batch Roasting Co. (links to these sites are below)

These sites each use different and interesting techniques to build revenue. Zeke’s coffee uses a fluid bed coffee roaster which roasts more “quickly and uniformly” that a drum roaster. George Howell Coffee’s mission is to seek out the best coffees on Earth. They “buy the finest regional and single farm-sourced coffees for coffee lovers who share in our quest for the ultimate cup!” Small Batch Roasting Co.’s site says “[w]e want to spread the word that with carefully sourced and roasted coffee beans, a bit of knowledge, and openness to a world beyond espresso, anyone can make coffee at home that’s as good as any cafe’s.” Each of these sites are uniquely made and have their own ways of generating revenue. Each site also reaches out to quite a large audience because anyone and everyone likes coffee.


My e-commerce site will follow the business-to-consumer model (just like the coffee sites above), except I will be selling hand-made mittens and scarves. I could generate more revenue by making my site more appealing with lots of images and a nice layout. I could also reach out to a large audience by making mittens for many different hand sizes. I could use different products that are cheaper, softer, and better for the environment. Mittens and scarves also make great Christmas gifts so I could generate a lot of revenue by making Holiday products and/or having Holiday sales.