Shaye Trenda

ITS 230-001



1.      False

2.      False

3.      True

4.      True

5.      True

6.      True

7.      False

8.      True

9.      False

10.  True

11.  True

12.  False


Multiple Choice


1.      D

2.      A

3.      C

4.      D

5.      A

6.      D

7.      D

8.      B




1.      H

2.      A

3.      C

4.      B

5.      I

6.      G

7.      E

8.      J

9.      F

10.  D


Consider This


2. Some common digital security risks include: Internet and network attacks, unauthorized access and use, hardware theft, software theft, information theft, and system failure. (212)


3. A hacker is different from a cracker because some hackers claim the intent of their security breaches is to improve security, while crackers have the intent to destroy data, steal data, or another malicious action. Both hackers and crackers have advanced computer and network skills. (214)


4. Cyberwarfare describes an attack whose goal ranges from disabling a government’s computer network to crippling a country. (214)


Internet Research


2: Social Media


In the Help section of Facebook, I was able to find information about changing my profile’s security and privacy settings. Facebook users can decide who can see their profile information such as their posts, photos, current work, hometown, etc. Users can ever make this information just visible to them, their friends, their friends of friends, public, or they can specifically chose which of their friends can view their information. You can hide certain posts and block people from posting on your page or even adding you as a friend. Blocking a user is very easy to do and can be very useful. You can report anyone on Facebook if they violate the Website’s terms. Some threats to someone you do not want accessing your account would be them finding out where you work and they could show up there which could very dangerous. They could also find your home address if you have that information on your profile. That is why it is important to keep your information private, or viewable to only the friends you trust. It is also important to change your Facebook password frequently so that hackers cannot access your account.