Shaye Trenda

ITS 230-001



1.     True

2.     True

3.     False

4.     True

5.     True

6.     True

7.     False

8.     False

9.     True

10.  True

11.  True

12.  True


Multiple Choice


1.     C

2.     B

3.     A

4.     A

5.     A

6.     D

7.     C

8.     D




1.     D

2.     I

3.     E

4.     B

5.     A

6.     H

7.     C

8.     F

9.     G

10.  J


Consider This


2. On most laptops, including ultrathin laptops, the keyboard and pointing device often occupy the area on top of the case, and the display attaches to the case by the hinges. With a slate tablet, the case is behind the display. On a convertible tablet, the case is positioned below a keyboard. With game consoles, the input and output devices, such as controllers and a television, reside outside the case. The case on a smartphone often is behind the display. Finally, the case on wearable devices, portable media players, digital cameras, and handheld game devices typically consume the entire device. (276)


3. Tracking software helps secure software by giving the owner the option to issue commands remotely to have the device play a sound, lock the screen, display a message, or delete all personal information. (279)


4. The term “microprocessor” refers to a personal computer processor chip.


Internet Research


2. Social Media: I viewed the social media websites for Northland Chevrolet and Benna Ford Superior. I chose to look further into the Northland Chevrolet site because that is where I purchased my current car. The first thing I noticed about the page was how many pictures with customers were posted. Almost every day there is a picture of someone buying a new car there. The website is also really helpful because it shows cars that are currently for sale. Customers can comment on cars they like and get feedback about the type of vehicle they are interested in. Consumers can use their Facebook account to “like” the page, and then be notified about future cars for sale. There are lots of comments from customers giving positive feedback about Northland Chevrolet. I would recommend them to anyone. Benna Ford is also a great place and the salespeople are very nice and helpful. Overall, the social media page for Northland Chevrolet gives customers a chance to reach out to the company and find a car they’ve been dreaming of, at an affordable price.