Shaye Trenda

Chapter 10 Ė Lab 1

1.      Research information about the best social media options for a food bank.

Food banks can benefit from many different social media sites. The best social media sites to promote a food bank are: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

2.     Determine the top 3 social media options.

The top 3 social media options for a food bank are: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

3.     Explain why the food bank should use your recommended social media options.

I would use Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for a food bank because they will be able to reach their customers best through these social media platforms.

4.     Provide a list of pros and cons for each social media site that you recommend.

Facebook Pros: Easy to access, pretty much everyone has an account, easy to post pictures, promotions, coupons, etc.

Facebook Cons: Many people donít check Facebook every day and might miss important posts, lots of time and effort needed to have a popular account

Instagram Pros: Make people aware of the food bank with pictures, videos, posts and make the pictures look pretty

Instagram Cons: Not everyone uses Instagram, easy to miss posts, can be a hassle to keep up to date

YouTube Pros: Can post in-depth and details videos about the food bank to create a large following

YouTube Cons: Time consuming, editing videos, finding viewers