Galisteo Art Gallery

by Xi Lu
London Art Weekly
Junly 2011

Last night I attended Molly Gunderson’s solo exhibition at the Transition Gallery, London. Each piece from her new series is a variation of colors and brushstrokes. Seeing one piece would be enough to feel like you know something about Molly and how she sees the world. The effect of a roomful of Molly’s paintings is that you know her emotions and outlook are as complex as the paintings themselves.

By using varied brushstrokes and contrasting colors, Molly’s paintings are luminous. They evoke a sense of timelessness, much like the artist herself.

Molly has curated several group exhibitions. Her educational background is impressive – degrees in painting, fine arts, and photography from Glasgow School of Art, Royal College of Art, and Central St. Martins College of Art and Design. She possesses the necessary education to review and present the work of others, but it is the innate quality of her vision that helps her to recognize the talents and to present an exhibition that allows you to feel a connection between the works of other artists.