Ying Xie


ITS 335


10 September 2015



What are the purpose and goal of your website? What type of website will you develop?

            The website I will develop is purposely for providing a portal for learners to access learning materials from anywhere they are provided they can access internet connection. The website will enable different individuals within the United States of America to upload their reading information into the web portal and also can download any learning information they wish to access.  Also, it will enable students and lecturers to communicate with each other in case they need any personal assistance provided they are in a location where they are closer to respective lecturers. The main goal of this website is for it to enable almost all the students from various universities in the United States and expand to different countries in the future. This will enhance the effectiveness of institutions in that their students will be able to access additional learning materials their educators could not provide.

Who is your target audience? For what purpose is the audience using your website?

            My target audience is the students from all learning institutions in the United States America as well as their educators so that they can share learning materials and provide online assistance. The target audience is going to make use of the website by uploading and downloading learning materials to enhance the learning process.

Will you use responsive design to target various screen sizes?

            Yes, I will utilize responsive design to ensure that all the target users are able to access the services using any devices they can afford such as desktop computers, notepads and mobile phones. Responsive design allows users of the website to view optimally the website as well as easy navigation and reading. Therefore, students can read at whatever place they are with whatever device they have on this website.

What will you use to capture the attention of your target audience?

            To capture the attention of my target audience, I will utilize easy navigation buttons and attractive colors that appeal to the users. Also, I would ensure that navigation pages are easy to use and that returning to the next and previous pane does not involve a complex process. Appealing graphical images are also what I am going to implement in the website so that I would capture the attention of the target audience.

What colors will you use to enhance your website?

            I would use attractive colors that will not discourage any individuals from using it such as gray colors, orange, blues and other colors that are quite appealing to the young generation.

How will text be arranged on your pages?

            The arrangement of text in the pages will be done in a manner that the users do not have to spend more time looking for what they want. The website would implement quite a few words that precisely informs the reader what they want within a short duration that are text within the site takes people direct to the point.

What type of images will you use within your site?

            The type of images that is going to be used are those that are educative and enhances learning among the students who utilize them. Images for books, learning institutions and students thus communication the purpose of the website at a glance.

How will your site accommodate people with disabilities?

            Regarding people with disabilities, I would ensure that biometric use of sounds is possible to direct people towards achieving any intended goal such as downloading a learning material or uploading any learning material. On the other hand, users who cannot hear be accommodated by ensuring that the graphical features on the website pages can be followed towards attaining whatever goal the users needed to achieve.

Will you incorporate social networking within your planning model?

            Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter will be incorporated in my planning model in that people will be allowed to contact with each other on social media since most students have social media accounts. Another reason for incorporating social media is advertisement purposes where the target audience who are on social media are informed of the benefits of using the website.