Planning for an E-Commerce Site



 Light Roasts = light brown cinnamon color with low body and low acidity

Medium Roasts = medium brown color with medium acidity and increases body

Dark Roasts = Deep brownish/black color with oil. Flavor may decrease while body increases

Dark roasts do not produce as stronger cup but rather produce a more consistent cup.

Any type of bean from any region can be roasted light, medium, or dark.

How we will generate revenues:

There are many ways to earn money online, you may want to consider these five common e-commerce revenue models when planning your business.

Affiliate marketing enables you to earn revenue by marketing or offering another product for sale on your site. For example, you may reference a book you read and recommend your customers get a copy for themselves. You could also set up an affiliate account and place a direct link to the book on the Amazon site, which will pay you a percentage of the sale. If you decide to participate in affiliate marketing, you'll need to research which companies might provide you with a financial incentive for promoting their sites on your page.

When you're just starting out, the money you earn from affiliate marketing may be just a small, supplemental amount. However, as traffic to your site increases, you may enjoy more substantial income.

Online advertising is a very popular revenue model for e-commerce businesses. In this method, companies or organizations buy advertising space on your site, provide a designed add or written message and then pay you for promoting their messages. Media sites, such as magazines, newspapers and television channels typically use online advertising.\

Subscriptions: In other media, the subscription models are well established ‘accepted by subscribers and nurtured by publishers. On the web, subscriptions are not yet widely accepted by consumers. Of those that are accepted, the subscription model caters to sites targeted to particular niches of individuals who have specific needs. These sites are often specialized with expert content and timely information. The subscriptions fund the development and maintenance of the site.


Business models:

The business model we would use is Business-to-Consumer where the business would sell directly to a customer.  Thus, we are the wholesaler of the product.