Ying Xie

ITS 380


Review the opening case on augmented reality. What developments have occurred since this case was written in September 2014?

            What is augmented reality? This is a way of using technology with the aim of duplicating world’s features in a computer or redefining space. A lot has happened after the case was written in September 2014 (Laudon, 107). Currently with the help of augmented reality apps, urban exploration is becoming easy with internet mobile devices to help you search a building or a coffee kiosk. Why would you worry to get lost if you have AR app? Another development from augmented reality is easy shopping; with the help of cloud computing you can browse virtually across different catalogs. Augmented reality has radically changed the way people shop and the shape of commerce. The next development of AR is customer service; augmented reality has bridged the gap between the digital world and the real world. In the past people were calling customer care for service but nowadays things have changed no one wants to call customer care, probably you will be put on hold for long. Today with the help of AR software things are solved more efficiently.

Investigate the internet of things. Select one example and describe what it is and how it works.

            In this presentation, I will define what is internet of things? And the object that falls under internet of things and how it works. This is a scenario where animals, physical objects, and people can be tracked or identified using unique identifiers without human and computer interaction. The best example of internet of things is monitoring an aging member. Through BeClose innovation family members and caregivers can stay in touch with the aging member. The innovation results from internet of things where wireless sensors and alert button are mounted in homes. This helps to track the aging person behavior any time through a secure web page. In case of any disruptions, you will be notified in real time through text messages, emails or by phone call. Since the whole system is wireless it, therefore, becomes easy to install BeClose Internet of things Application










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