Ying Xie

ITS 380



Question4:  Identify a popular online magazine that also has an offline subscription or newsstand edition. What advantages (and disadvantages) does the online version have when compared to the offline physical edition? Has a technology platform content design or industry structure convergence occurred in the online magazine industry? Prepare a short report discussing this issue.

            A popular online magazine is Lifestyle magazine in the USA. The online magazine edition has several advantages. First, the online edition of the magazine has a larger global audience reach than the physical copies. It is attributed to the fact that the online version is also easily accessible and distributable across the world. Online magazines are capable of reaching a larger audience and engaging them at a shorter time Secondly, there are fewer costs associated with the online version than printing physical copies. As such, the cost of printing is avoided thus saving the company’s resources. With the increased technology, online magazines can now be accessed using mobile devices through customized applications. This ensures that online publications are Lifestyle Magazine in the USA is readily available to the consumers. Finally, with digital magazines there is no loss incurred due to unsold inventory.

            However, there are several shortcomings to the online version of the Lifestyle Magazine in the USA. An online magazine, for instance, has to have a large number of visitors in the site for the company to make profits. In addition, the social forums created by the online magazine can create haters and unprofessional display of information.

Question5; Amazon announced that it was going to purchase Twitch, which lets users stream their video game sessions, for almost $ 1 billion. Why would Amazon spend so much money on Twitch? Create a short presentation either defending the purchase or explaining why you think it was a bad idea.

            I agree to the fact that Amazon should buy Twitch. The purchasing deal will give Amazon a better presence since Twitch will no longer be using YouTube for its streaming. As such, the deal translates into a larger market for the Amazon Company. Twitch is a successful company combining forces with Amazon will only result in better quality games. In addition, Twitch Company already sells million of games, due to this Amazon can enter into the deal because of the minimal risks involved.  Finally, the deal is attractive as it will make Amazon penetrate into a newer market base since the outcome is set to be positive.