Ying Xie

ITS 380



CH11 Social Networks, Auctions, and Portals


4. Visit one of the social networks listed in Table 11.1 and compare it to Facebook. In what ways is it similar to Facebook, and in what ways is it different? Which to you prefer and why?

Social media plays the paramount role in the person’s online life. Most businesses also now days depends on social media in marketing of their entire products. Several social media are in use in today’s world. Facebook and Twitter are attracting many people and companies. You might take them to be alike; however, there are some differences and also similarities as discussed below.

Facebook links individuals from different places enabling them to exchange thoughts globally and converse between themselves, on the other hand, Twitter communicates thoughts and subjects from one person to another concerning the current issues in the real world situations.

It is in Facebook where people may have parted ways for some time can meet and socialize while Twitter can enable someone to follow and familiarize themselves with current matters happening around them.

Facebook mostly concerns itself with maintaining interactions and relationship among family members and friends while Twitter only allows people to share the significant happenings involving individuals.

Both Facebook and Twitter requires mass communication of ideas either concerning individuals or business enterprises. This is due to large number of Facebook and Twitter users all over the world that can access the information once posted on the social media.

In conclusion, I prefer Facebook to Twitter because of it having several benefits and more followers. Facebook allows people to maintain long-term ties living in different places in the world, Facebook also contains several alternatives about how use it and share ideas and linking people.


3. Visit one for-profit-sponsored and one nonprofit-sponsored social network. Create a presentation to describe and demonstrate the offering at each site. What organizational objectives is each pursuing? How is for the profit company using community-building technology as a customer relations management tool?

Profit sponsored social network is the type of social network whose primary objective is to make the profit and widen the market for its products while making connections with their clients and customers. This includes systems such as online jobs and online Fantasy Stock Exchange.

Online jobs are the jobs posted on the social networks by several individuals or companies to be done by the interested persons at a pay. When the job is posted on the social network, an interested person can enter into the contract with the company and then assigned to work. Several innovators are also creating social network pages then advertising the services they can offer at given prices and their products.

The profit company is using the several social network such as Facebook and Twitter to advertise their products to their target customers in the community. The profit company is also using community-building technology in meeting different community needs such providing cheap and fast methods of payment such as PayPal to transfer funds from one place to another.

Nonprofit sponsored social networks are the type system whose primary objective is to tie individuals, reinforce interactions and informing them about the up-to-date matters.

Facebook is the largest social network with large number of users in whole world, Facebook allows people interact from different places through messaging, poking and chatting, people are also able to update their status on the Facebook concerning their lives, upload photos and also share photos and contacts through their profile.