Ying Xie

ITS 380



CH12 B2B E-commerce: Supply Chain Management and Collaborative Commerce


1. Choose an industry and a B2B vertical market maker that interests you. Investigate the site and prepare a report that describes the size of the industry served, the type of net market provided, the benefits promised by the site for both suppliers and purchasers, and the history of the company. You might also investigate the bias (buyers versus seller), ownership (suppliers, customers, and independents), pricing mechanism(s), scope and focus, and access (public versus private) of the net market place.


Automobile company

Am interested in automobile company vertical market, the company only focuses itself on automobiles such as auto-mechanics and manufactures. Automobile is a large company that serves wide automobile market in the entire world dominated with China and United States; this industry demands medium capital investment and high technology modification thus requiring real supply chain and refined manufacturing amenities

The type of the net market provided is E-distributors that contains cataloged electronics that shows products of a number of manufacturers and owned by independent agents. A number of benefits are also provided by the site such as low cost of goods and services, decreased cost of operation and decreased transaction charges.

The net marketplace is characterized by interests that benefit both buy-side and sell-side, suppliers, independents, and buyers, meaning bias is avoided in the net marketplace. The pricing mechanism is fixed-price cataloged. Thus, the price for the products of the company is maintained at a stable price and focused on vertical markets. Which has entrance to open markets, and always seeks permission from relevant authorities to enter into private markets.


2. Examine the website of one of the e-distributors listed in figure 12.9, and compare and contrast it to one of the websites listed for e-procurement net marketplaces. If you were a business manager of a medium-sized firm, how would you decide where to purchase your indirect inputs from an e-distributor or an e-procurement net market place? Write a short report detailing your analysis.

Both E-procurement net market place and the e-distributor make use of computer integrated Business to Business technique. Both also types of net market place.

The dissimilarity comes in whereby e-procurement concentrates mostly on value chain management, e-distributor system emphasizes majorly on increased network distribution system to boost market segment.

Indirect inputs or the (MRO) which includes maintenance and repair of goods. The best goods are purchased by the organization just when their demand is realized. Inputs of that type are bought and delivered on spot when the need arises hence E-distributor kind of agreement is appropriate. Here the buyer is guaranteed instant delivery from the supplier distribution channel.