Ying Xie

ITS 380

Global E-Commerce Systems.

1.      Find three certification authorities and compare the features of each company's digital certificates. Provide a brief description of each company as well, including number of clients. Prepare a short presentation of your findings.

A digital certificate is used to bind an entity’s public key to specific attributes that relate to its density. A certification authority also a CA, is a trusted third party organization that issues these digital certificates that are later used to create digital signatures and develop public-private keys.

Entrust is a provider of digital information security solutions for over twenty years and providing services to over 5,000 organizations in over 85 countries (Entrust, Inc.). It is a software authentication certificate.

Digicert, provides certificates to over 80,000 customers in over 180 countries ranging from various industries and companies (Digicert.com). These include Nasa, Facebook, Wikipedia, Paypal, and BMW.

Digipass is a certificate by Vasco an authentication company for various enterprises that utilizes its authentication technology to create digital certificates for E-gaming, E-Commerce, government sites, health sites and other online application security solutions (Vasco.com).




2.      Imagine you are the owner of an E-commerce website. What are some of the signs that your site has been hacked? Discuss the major types of attacks you could expect to experience and the resulting damage to your site. Prepare a brief summary presentation.

One of the most common ways of establishing if a site has been hacked is unusual activity. This is in the form of a traffic spike and significant amounts of spam. One way that tell that your account has been hacked is an example of an old post that suddenly starts trending for no apparent reason. Another way to recognize unusual activity is a spike of visitors from an abnormal location. One that we will not be used to.

You can also tell if your website has been hacked by checking if the HTML files have been tampered with. The most common types of web attacks are cross-site scripting, Structures Query Language Injection or SQL injection, Denial of service or DDoS, Brute force, and server-side includes. These are the most common types of attacks that are popular in the E-commerce sites.












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