Ying Xie

ITS 380


·         Is Google responsible for the accuracy of links to other information? Why or why not?

Yes. Despite the fact that a prospective website gives Google access to their sight. Google does not require them to provide a links to information recorded in the websites because there is no prediction method that would allow them to know what the user will be searching for. By use of ‘spiders’, automated features of the search engines which locate search data by crawling through the search engines database. These ‘spiders’ do so by categorizing the numerous available pages in priorities and indexing them. It is from the index the most relevant information is located. The web crawler, ‘spiders’ trace their path back and automatically create a link to the page of information they found.

·         How should international policies be developed in relation to internet?

Formulation of privacy policies has to do with the rules that govern information access from all corners of the world. In all aspects, they are similar national policies but are applied at a global scale. What is done is that there exists a council comprised of all authorities concerned with the matter and national representatives. The council is the one who come up with all the policies. While doing this, they keep in sight the global picture and try to aim the policies to protect all data that can be considered as private.

The policies are created to reflect a number of items that are critical in privacy issues. The main issue being fairness. This is the core value that is considered when formulating privacy policies. Regardless of the goodwill intended when forming a council to decide on the policies of privacy, it is true that there exists large gaps and diversities in country’s individual policies. Therefore, special committees are setup from individual nations to best define ways along which their individual policies can be integrated into one another and hence run parallel to each other in effecting privacy policies. The internet application of international privacy policy is expected to be effected by every website.