Site Performance Evaluation

Lab 3: Evaluating Site Performance


Problem: Your B2C beaded jewelry web site has been in operation for six months. Online sales have increased every month, but you are still not quite sure how well your site is actually performing. You need help with evaluating your site’s performance.Instructions: Use search tools and the information in this special feature to create at least three measurable performance benchmarks for your site. (You may assume any additional information about your B2C beaded jewelry business not detailed in these instructions.) Next, evaluate services and costs for at least three marketing companies that offer Web analytics and performance evaluation tools. Choose the marketing company that, in your opinion, offers the best selection of services and costs for your site.

1.       Write a report that explains the performance benchmarks you have created and how the benchmarks will help you evaluate your Web site’s performance.

The focal point of your marketing strategy could be the website that you have created for your business. A business that depends purely on the online sales, therefore, depends on a performance evaluation as a good tool for measuring and increasing the sales performance.  There are numerous redesign goals that an organization can implement to improve online sales.

First, there is a need to increase unique visitor traffic. In this case, we are supposed to come up with a tally of new customers who are usually visiting the site for the first time. This is important as it will give a clue to the number of clients that we are having. Secondly, there is an important need to attract and keep the repeat clients. Having them in the websites can result in referrals that are good for the overall sale. After balancing the new and the old client visiting the site, the third thing to do to increase performance is the building up of inbound links. This is majorly known as the referral traffic.

The site for the referral should be growing steady in the business. The fourth fundamental issue is the optimization of the keyword performance. The keywords are useful in measuring the traffic of the visitors that are coming to your site. Finally, there should be a total reduction of the bounce rate. This kind of metrics tracks the overall percentage of the new clients who are leaving the site. Avoiding these issues will be of the benefit to the origination as it can lead to improvement of content and clear call to action. One of the organizations that can be very informative when it comes to the website performance evaluation is the Top Spot internet marketing ( the organization looks at various ways on how many organizations are blinded in the marketing industry. The organization comprises of experience team to help redesign website goals and performance