Ying Xie

Project 6

Question 1: Surf the web at least 15 minutes. Visit at least two different e-commerce sites. Make a list describing in details all the different marketing communication tools you see being used. Which do you believe is the most effective and why?

It is estimated that in 2014 almost 90 million households which about 75% had access to broadband internet. Even though growth has been generally slow, there has been intensity and scope of use both increase in the demographic group online usage. Broadband usage is the most used form of internet access due to its high access speeds. In order to understand the concept of marketing, study of consumer behavior is essential. It can be categorized as social science discipline that tries to elaborate when, why where, do consumer purchase and consumer behavior model that seeks to elucidate a wide range of consumer decisions. Marketing communication tools that are widely used include advertising, direct mail, social media, newsletter, and comments. There serve a great importance in promoting the various items being promoted in the various websites. Each tool has its purpose on the site, but there are some that serve a greater purpose than other.
Question 2: Do a search for a product of your choice on at least three search engines. Examine the results page carefully. Can you discern which results if any, are a result of a paid placement? If so, how did you determine this? What other marketing communications related to your search appear on the page?

Some of other advertising tools include search engines, display ad marketing, viral marketing, and affiliate marketing. Search engine is one of the commonly used tools by marketers. Search engines are used in branding of products as its use has significant support for direct sales. Types of search engine advertising are sponsored links also known as keyword paid inclusion, keyword advertising and context advertising. Search engine do have their unique manner of operation. For the case of Google’s algorithm include panda hummingbird and knowledge graph. When I searched a particular product using the multiple search engines available, majority of the engines brought the same site at the topmost of the results. This indicates that that this was a paid placement. Use of other advertising tool included display ad marketing that was evident during the searches.